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Hodge Compressors are built with carefully engineered parts sourced from top manufacturers around the world. The stunning and reliable machines are carefully crafted to run smoothly and efficiently across numerous industries worldwide. Tapping into the US market, Hodge Compressor plans to outnumber its competition by a landslide. Its compressors have the ability to adapt to the needs of various businesses insuring significant cost savings and a measurable reduction in a business’s carbon footprint.

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Hodge air compressors are engineered to provide success in the manufacturing industries. Hodge compressors have been rigorously tested to handle light, medium, and heavy manufacturing needs. Hodge Some of the industries that are great for Hodge air compressors include equipment manufacturing, steel production, refineries, etc.


Automotive manufacturers and automotive repair/service shops particular enjoy having Hodge compressors because of their reliability and Forever Warranty Guarantee. It is a headache free brand that easily assists the day to day work at automotive shops including painting, powering tools, lifting equipment, etc.


The Aerospace industry needs reliable and efficient rotary screw compressors that guarantee the best results. Hodge rotary screw compressors are built to handle high demands for long periods of time and that's exactly what the Aerospace industry is looking for. Tough and reliable air compressors.


The Agriculture industry is required to be very fast-paced in order to keep everything fresh. This type of application needs powerful and reliable air compressors that can get the job done. Hodge compressors go above and beyond by not only providing on of the best machines in the industry but also minimizing cost to increase profits.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage is one of the fastest growing industry in the USA. It is a high-demanding industry and needs equipment that can keep up with its growing demands. Hodge air compressors provide exactly that. Built for the future-this technology designed ahead of its time will last you a lifetime with an unmatched reliability.

Dry Cleaning

There couldn't be a better air compressor than the Hodge compressor for the dry cleaning industry. With numerous choices to help you find the perfect fit for your business, Hodge also offers the most competitive pricing for their air compressor package. This is a deal the dry cleaning industry won't be able to refuse.

Chemical & Petrochemical

The Chemical & Petrochemical industries can prove to be quite hazardous environments therefore it's best to choose a system that is known for their safety alongside with reliability and efficiency. Hodge air compressors are one of the safest pieces of equipment compared to competitor brands.

Glass Industry

No matter what type of air compressor is required for the Glass industry, Hodge has it and you won't be able to find the quality and price that a Hodge can offer you. Our air compressors provide top the line quality of air with unmatched efficiency.

Construction Industry

Working long hours in a noisy industry? The last thing the construction industry needs is another noisy unreliable piece of equipment. Hodge is known for its reliability and our equipment is designed while keeping all factors in mind including noise pollution.

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